Monday, September 1, 2014


Comfort food-- your go-to, familiar food of choice that makes you feel good when you're not feeling like stepping outside of your comfort zone.  I believe that "comfort clothes" exists in the same way.  Comfort clothes are the pieces that make you feel comfortable. They're the things you wear on days when you have no idea what to put on.  For me, monochrome striped tops are one of my comfort pieces.  It's easy to pair with any bottom, like jeans or black leggings.  It's also basic enough to pair with a bold piece, like a tulle skirt or floral trousers.  I think most people can agree with me that stripes are a classic and a staple in anyone's closet. They have always been in style and always will be in the future. It's a timeless trend.

Top // Francesca's
Leggings // H&M
Ankle-Strap Flats // Chinese Laundry (via Nordstrom Rack)
Purse // Rebecca Minkoff | Mini Mac in Chocolate

Top // Wet Seal
Tulle Skirt // Francesca's
Sandals // Report (via Marshall's)
Purse // Rebecca Minkoff | Mini Mac in Chocolate

What are your favorite go-to pieces of clothing? Let me know in the comments!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DELICIOUS DINES | Fully Loaded Brownie

You know the food was great when you can still imagine the taste of it months after you actually ate it.  That's what this brownie does for me.  The Fully Loaded Brownie at RePUBlic Gastropub in Oklahoma City left me fully satisfied, yet I was wanting to repeat that experience once more the next day... and the next day, and the next day.  This isn't just any ordinary brownie a la mode, it's topped with RePUBlic's house made caramel and chocolate sauces, which certainly tickle your sweet and salty taste buds.

Fully Loaded Brownie // RePUBlic Gastropub

What are some delicious dishes that left you daydreaming the very next day? Let me know in the comments!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

OOTD | To the Max(i)

Hello there and Happy August! I hope everyone's summer is going swell. Summer in Oklahoma has been quite mild and I am loving every bit of it! Today, I wanted to share with you all a recent outfit featuring this gorgeous printed maxi from the Banana Republic outlet.  I scored an awesome deal on this dress ($15!!) about a week after their 4th of July sale.  I don't really own anything from Banana Republic, because I didn't think it fit my style, but I browsed around to see what they had, and landed this beauty. The dress fits well, but like every other maxi that I own, it's a tad too long. Whenever I wear it, I gather up some of the fabric at the bottom and tie a cute little knot so that I don't trip when I walk.

Maxi Dress // Banana Republic

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